Tips To Make Your Work Environment Positive

What can we do on a personal level to help create or maintain a positive work environment?

  1. Be kind, optimistic and approachable – build a level of mutual trust and respect with colleagues
  2. Always be on time, ready and willing to work – actively contributing
  3. Be organized (including your personal work space) and use your time wisely
  4. Regularly seek constructive feedback from supervisors, coworkers, customers and act on it
  5. Be a team player- actively communicating with co-workers, fulfilling work requirements, completing assignments, ready to take on tasks, supporting co-workers, giving credit to co-workers
  6. Understand and promote diversity – be open to learning about co-workers, listen to the point of view of others especially those with different experiences and background
  7. Seek to improve your skills by additional training





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