Personal Action Planner


  • As a result of attending this workshop you will have identified some areas in your work that you could do better. You may have an idea or way of approaching a problem or issue that you had not considered before.
  • It is important that some of your thoughts now turn to actions otherwise attending the workshop will soon seem like a distant memory and just a break from your daily work. You have put time and effort into attending so what is the payback??
  • Choose a goal that will help you take a first step towards completing your personal vision of what kind of leader you want to be? Write this down at the top of the planner. i.e. I need to communicate more effectively or I need to clarify the task etc.
  • Finally set yourself a target date that is challenging but not overstretching. This date should be when you reach the point to say yes steps or objectives achieved let’s move onto the next stage of my goals
  • Be sure your plan is challenging and compelling and agree this with your manager, staff reviewer or mentor.
  • Repeat this process for the other goals that form part of your personal vision of leadership
  • This is a framework that can be used to translate ideas into actions. If it does not work for you, fine, use something different. The key issue is to plan, do and review what you will do differently as a result attending the workshop. It may be that you just have more confidence that you are doing the right things and just need to maintain this.


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