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IT Governance and Risk

Wed, February 12, 2020 - Wed, October 14, 2020 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)



The IT landscape is increasingly complex and risky. Mobile, social and cloud technologies extend the business outside corporate firewalls, creating, in effect, a “shadow” IT department. Data is an enterprise asset, raising risk management and compliance pressures. Increased dependence on third parties complicates operating models further. Adding to these complexities are expectations for exceptional IT performance from the workforce, business partners and customers. There is an unprecedented dependence on technology and tremendous consequences when it fails.

Effective IT governance is necessary to address these complex challenges. By better managing the performance of those responsible for creating value through key IT decisions, an organization can achieve its strategic goals. An IT governance framework identifies the mechanisms required to create value and manage risks associated with IT.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the concepts and strategies underpinning IT governance
  2. Understand the boundaries imposed on information technology by law
  3. Understand the key risks involved in the arrangements for and support of IT services
  4. Understand the major security-related risks that occur in the delivery of IT services
  5. Understand primary concepts and key controls that ensure the integrity of databases, operations support and the operating system

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