Effective Training of Trainers

CorpTrain West Africa from the 7th of March through to the 9th of March 2018, engaged in a Twenty-session training¬† at the Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) Training Center with selected staff of the bank on the topic ‘Effective Training of Trainers’.

The three-day course, which aimed at helping trainers:

  1. Recognize the importance of considering the participants and their training needs, including the different learning styles and adult learning principles.
  2. Know how to write objectives and evaluate whether these objectives have been met at the end of a training session.
  3. Develop an effective training style, using appropriate training aids and techniques and
  4. Conduct a short group training session that incorporates these training concepts.

concluded without a hitch on the 9th of March with participants from the UMB unanimously praising the effectiveness of the course.

We, at CorpTrain West Africa deem it a great honor to have been contracted to fulfill our mandate in training and capacity building.

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